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Acrylic / Collage


I am a professional mixed media artist. I graduated from the world renown school named “Milan Art Institute” and my style soon evolved into a form of art known as “Abstract Realism.” I paint as an eternal optimist and prophecy a day of beauty and abundant life to come. My prayer is for a glorious and divine transformation in one’s soul. One of restoration of the broken pieces in each life to an experience of hope, healing, and truth. AS we step into our identity and let go of the heavy anchors that pull us down, then we can visualize true purpose. Blessing those around me continues to motivate and inspire creativity with my paintbrush.
My favorite quote:”To create a work of art is to create the world.” Wassity Kandinski

Site Address: Sharon Adams Studio 3409 Briarbend Dr.
Phone: 336-601-4348
Email: shar.6350@yahoo.com
Website: Sharon Adams Studio


Acrylic, Collage, Ink, Mixed Media, Oil

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