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Acrylic - Digital - Mixed Media


For years, I’ve primarily been a digital artist; however, as the years go by, I’m painting in acrylic with increasing frequency. My style is predominantly characterized by the employment of science fiction-fantasy iconography, I use this imagery as a sort of “language” to explore a range of psychological issues: anxiety, depression, fear, bliss, mania, obsession, trauma… I like to paint in bold, saturated color to express these extreme mental states. With my digital work, I often use large-form, multi-layer printing techniques to explore a “cel animation” aesthetic. This affords me the ability to experiment with the interplay of shadows and colored light within the framed piece to further dramatize the themes.

Site Address: 610 S Elm St. #1, Artmongerz
Phone: 336-688-5986
Email: krissaintsing@gmail.com
Website: krissaintsingillustration.com


Acrylic – Digital – Mixed Media

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