Susan Ridenour

Artists Statement:

I am inspired by the human connection that can be fostered by ceramic vessels. For millennia, pottery has been present in communities and cultures worldwide. Pottery vessels are a means to bring sustenance to mind and body; and they provide a means to share what you have with others for their sustenance. And even the clay itself has a mystical quality of capturing something of the human maker within itself. I love pots because they are all about community and practical use. The inspiration for my forms and glazes come from the outside. My favorite memories growing up occurred outdoors, climbing trees, swimming, walking in clover, laying in the grass on my back and gazing up into the sky. I seek to capture the feel of the movement of tall grass in the wind or tree branches swaying against the sky. Or I try for the rippling texture of water flowing over rocks. I aspire to let the natural, organic thing happen as I build pots, apply glazes and put them in the fire. These are some of my thoughts about the way I make things.

Contact information for Susan Ridenour:
  • Site Address: 205 Lyndon Street, Greensboro
  • Media: Clay
  • Phone: 336-314-4494
  • Email:
  • Website:

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Artstock 2018 - 21st Annual - Look for the red balloons!

Studio Tour Dates:

Saturday, October 13, 10am - 5pm
Sunday, October 14, 1pm - 5pm

Preview Exhibition

September 14 - September 28
Gallery 1401 - 1401 Benjamin Parkway

Opening Reception

Friday, September 14 6-8pm
Gallery 1401 - 1401 Benjamin Parkway