Sam Wade

Artists Statement:

I have a profound interest in creating works that convey certain moods and ideas. Painting people allows me to convey these moods in a direct and relatable way. My process involves sketching out the gist of an idea and selecting a subject that best elicits the feeling that I am trying to capture. I often employ, heavy use of digital modulation to manipulate certain attributes or repeat certain figures.

Contact information for Sam Wade:
  • Site Address: 621 Eugene Court, Suite 103, Greensboro
  • Media: Painting
  • Phone: 336-580-3015
  • Email: samwadepaints@gmail.comm
  • Website:
  • Instagram: @hsamwade

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Artstock 2018 - 21st Annual - Look for the red balloons!

Studio Tour Dates:

Saturday, October 13, 10am - 5pm
Sunday, October 14, 1pm - 5pm

Preview Exhibition

September 14 - September 28
Gallery 1401 - 1401 Benjamin Parkway

Opening Reception

Friday, September 14 6-8pm
Gallery 1401 - 1401 Benjamin Parkway