Jennifer Nichols

Artists Statement:

My work is created primarily from wood that is left over from my father’s cabinet and Windsor chair making and reclaimed wood. I combine metal materials, such as copper wire, tacks and washers, with organic materials, such as burlap and hemp string, to create mixed media wall reliefs that relate to forms in nature. I am obsessed with the flower form but I am also drawn to the owl, bird, butterfly and dragonfly forms. My goal is not to recreate nature but to capture the essence of nature using found or repurposed materials.

I continue to be inspired by many artists, especially Eva Hesse. Her use of materials not traditionally used or accepted as appropriate for creating art, regardless of the fact that many of the materials were not permanent and would indeed change her art pieces over time, opened up more possibilities in creating art. When I create my works, I take similar risks to obtain the texture or form I’m trying to express. Life is a constant circle of change-growth and aging. Art is not isolated from this process. She was definitely more of a risk taker with materials than I am though. I think about the longevity of the materials I use.

In our culture right now we are discussing the issue of sustainability which is an important topic to me. A key aspect of my work is to use materials that otherwise would be discarded. Many of us are trying to utilize our resources to the fullest and learning how to stretch those resources or use them in multiple ways, not just in art but in every aspect of our lives. I want to do my part in every aspect of my life.

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Artstock 2018 - 21st Annual - Look for the red balloons!

Studio Tour Dates:

Saturday, October 13, 10am - 5pm
Sunday, October 14, 1pm - 5pm

Preview Exhibition

September 14 - September 28
Gallery 1401 - 1401 Benjamin Parkway

Opening Reception

Friday, September 14 6-8pm
Gallery 1401 - 1401 Benjamin Parkway