20th Annual

Artstock Artist
Studio Tour

  (The 2nd weekend of October)

October 14th, Saturday
10am – 5pm

October 15th, Sunday
1pm – 5pm

Beth De Popas

Media: Oil Painting

I am a longtime Greensboro resident who was in search of a new hobby after my children went off to college. I started painting with a few friends about three years ago and never stopped.

We gather one or two times a month in a home studio to paint, sip wine and chat. The resulting art is secondary to the laughter and fellowship we share when we are together.

Sometimes we even have to scrape our canvas and start over.

Painting sparks my imagination while bringing me joy and relaxation.

Dottie Blanchard

Media: Watercolor

After retiring as a financial services technical project manager in 2007, I began to explore the right side of my brain through watercolor painting. This was an entirely new pursuit.

What fun at this stage in life, to learn to express my inner artist through watercolor painting! I am especially intrigued by the transparency of the medium and by how significantly I now see the world differently.

I study regularly with Alexis Lavine in Greensboro, NC and enjoy workshops with other well-known watercolor artists such as Linda Baker, Ann Abgott, Soon Y Warren, Ted Nuttall and others. Still searching for my “artistic voice”, I enjoy exploring various techniques and find inspiration from my travels as well as from family, local gardens and events. It has been an interesting focus for continual learning!

Your comments about my work are most welcome.

Contact Information

Tel: 336-209-1520
Email: dblanchard418@gmail.com

Gary Lowell

Lowell Boats is an award-winning restoration shop specializing in wooden boats of all types and sizes. Gary Lowell has been restoring classic wooden boats for over thirty years. Lowell boats brings master craftsmanship to the restoration of classic sailboats and runabouts. Recent projects include inboards, outboards, sailboats, non-powered boats, antique cars, furniture, and other special projects. Gary is an instructor at the WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine, and an Accredited Marine Surveyor with the Society of Marine Surveyors.

Contact Information

3503 Holt's Chapel Road
Greensboro, NC 27401
Tel: 336-274-0892
Email: Boats@Lowell.TO

Gloria R. Taylor-Williams

Gloria was inspired to learn about art after a visit to the Indianapolis, Indiana Art Museum at a young age. However, it wasn’t until later in life she enrolled in oil painting classes after she moved to Greensboro with her family. Through Guilford College, she completed her Bachelors in Fine Art and was award the James McMillian Honor for excellence in art in 2013 and again in 2015.

With an idea in mind, Gloria completes several small sketches before she begins a layout for a composition. She paints a layer of thin of pigment mixed with odorless mineral sprits on a stretched canvas. Once the first coat is dry, she draws her composition lightly with a brush of thin color. Once the design is developed enough with shapes and lines of interest, she begins to slowly add colors to the canvas. She says, “Sometimes, I change from brushes to a palette knife as it allows me to lay down textures to get the effect I want for the subject matter. I like the combination of large broad to create soft feathery and intense clouds in my landscapes. I love using small brushes for details and interest. My subjects of interest varies from people to nature”. Gloria paints landscapes scenes, flowers and portraits.

Some of Gloria’s ideas derive from family experiences and from her travels. She enjoys plein air painting and photography. Gloria’s choice of mediums includes: oil, pencil, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, ink and watercolor. View her work and/or message to Gloria at her website.

Hilary Clement

Hilary Clement is a Greensboro artist working in acrylic and oils. Her works often explore the transition between realism and abstraction.

Hillary Whitt

Media: Mixed media, jewelry

Hillary begin crafting jewelry while working at Oaks Gallery, in Dillsboro, NC She expanded from beadwork to metal at Sawtooth and fell in love with metal and fire. From there her style has moved some simple pieces to layered pieces with different types of materials. Her artwork has always been a style of mixed media which she blames on her mother wishing for quiet time when she was young. She expressed herself through paint and art journaling and teaches others to do the same.

Hollis Gabriel

In 2015, in response to overwhelming grief, I started to paint and collage. My sorrow became beautiful colors and patterns and I was able to let go of my sadness while I created joyous, spontaneous, intricate paintings. By chance, I discovered the adventure and fun of having “work” put on scarves and then leggings, dresses, tote bags and other accoutrements. Although I carry a heavy heart, it is lighter when I wear my art and it makes people smile and talk to me.

My art is inspired by my twenty-four years in New Orleans, by nature, my travels, and artists like Gustav Klimt and Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It stimulates the imagination and tells unique stories to each viewer. I hope to share my love of the process of creating pieces with others who suffer and those who think they aren’t creative.

Janet Berry

Media: Oil on canvas

I started painting over 40 years ago in adult education in NJ. I painted sparingly, until retiring in 2004, devoting my attention to raising two children and teaching full time. My medium is oil on canvas. My subject matter includes landscapes, seascapes, still life and animals. Many of my paintings are based on photographs taken by my husband, Bob.

I have studied with Judy Meyler, Alexis Lavine, Connie Logan, Addren Doss and other local artists. I have participated/sold at various exhibitions such as Artstock, Parisian Promenade, the Greensboro Center for Visual Artists and the Greensboro 200 Bicentennial Exhibition. I have done numerous commission paintings ranging in size from 16 inches by 20 inches to 4 feet by 6 feet.

Janet Colborne

Media: Oils on canvas, beaded jewelry

Some of my most relaxed and happy times are when I am creating a painting or a piece of jewelry. There is no better therapy than being swept away in a creative state of mind...music in the background and wine in my glass help me to unwind and let the creativity flow!

Jerry Pifer

Jerry's interest in art has been inspired by his parents' creativity and the artistic achievements of his sister and grandmother (both of whom were painters), nurtured by his university classes in Art History, and guided by instruction received from local Greensboro artists Robert Harris, Chuck McLaughlin, Joe Miller, and Maggie Fickett. Although Jerry has been pursuing his interest in watercolor painting for many years, it is only since his retirement from the Federal Government that he has enjoyed the luxury of devoting himself fully to his art.

A native of Colorado, Jerry has always appreciated the beauty of the natural environment and has been driven to capture this beauty in his landscapes and florals. Several years of residence within walking distance of the National Gallery of Art provided Jerry ample opportunities to savor the masterpieces of the world's greatest painters. In pursuit of his passions for bicycling, skiing, hiking, and paddling, Jerry has found innumerable subjects for painting in the North Carolina countryside.

Most recently, week-long workshops in Umbria and Provence with renowned watercolorist Janice Russell Beck has elevated Jerry's painting to a new level. The incredible beauty of these European regions has provided Jerry with dozens of inspirations for future paintings.

Jerry has been an active participant in Greensboro's annual Artstock Artist's Tour since 2008 and recent exhibitions at the Holiday Market at St. Francis Episcopal Church, and Art in the Garden at the N.C. Extension Service Master Gardeners’ garden.

Jim Barnhill

We all identify immediately and instantly with the human figure. While I draw, paint, and sculpt other subject matter, I will always turn/return to the figure. In portraiture, the outward gaze of the subject reveals feelings we have all known. In like manner, when the entire figure is depicted, a gesture of the hands, a direction of the head, or a specific look create a mood the viewer understands. In my work I desire to convey those moods and feelings with which we are so intimately acquainted, and thereby create a connection between me, the viewer, and my work.

Jim Gallucci

Media: Sculpture

Jim Gallucci, a graduate of LeMoyne College (BA, English 1973) and Syracuse University (BFA, Art 1974 and MFA, Sculpture 1976), has been a sculptor for over 30 years. He has worked as an art instructor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the University of Alabama at Huntsville. He was also an Exhibit Designer for the North Carolina Zoological Park in Asheboro, N.C.

Presently, Jim works full time designing and fabricating sculpture in his Greensboro studio assisted by a staff of six. Most of the works are commissions for public, corporate, and residential spaces around the country. For six years he showed sculpture at the Pier Walk Sculpture Show in Chicago, IL. This annual show takes place on the Navy Pier and is the world’s largest outdoor sculpture show. Over 8.2 million people walk through the venue. Jim has also been selected for such international shows as the World Expo 88 in Brisbane, Australia and the 7th Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition at the Utsukishi-ga-hara Open-Air Museum,, Hakone, Japan and UBE Japan. In 2007 Jim eared a Diploma of Nomination from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

With each project, Jim brings a unique sense of self-expression while captivating the viewer. “Art is the physical manifestation of an idea or event that calls forth an emotional response from the viewer. It speaks to us and evokes a chord deep within us. Good art challenges us, can make us feel righteous, move us, soothe us, heal us, and bring us peace.

Many examples of Jim’s works can be viewed at his website.

Jo Ann Smith

Media: Oil

Jo Ann Smith studied with Greensboro artists Janet Dingeldin and Connie Logan. She completed workshops with British landscape artist John Lines, Southwestern artist Ann Templeton, Georgia artist De Beard Den and North Carolina artist Connie Winters in Mathews and Brantome, France. She has been in the Marshall Gallery, Two Art Chicks Gallery and in juried shows at the Greensboro Artist League. Her work has been in Art in the Garden, Artstock, and the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, N.C. and Bloom’ in Art in Charleston, South Carolina. She has also had shows in her home.

Judy Jackson Lomax

Media: Oil

I feel so fortunate to be able to do some thing that I love. Not only does it help me to express an appreciation for beauty around me, it has opened my eyes to all the different colors in my environment. Every painting is a way to see things in a different light, color, or hue and I have the freedom to put it on a canvas for everyone to see!

Contact Information

1304 Clarendon Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27410
Tel: 336-339-1005
Email: jLomax1@triad.rr.com

Julie Dameron

Media: Oil

My paintings provide a vision of, and stem from, an interest in Franciscan Spirituality I find beauty in nature and humanity. My inspiration comes from my belief in Franciscan Spirituality. The main tenet is that all of Creation is good. I also take inspiration from the many characters, scenes and experiences that I have observed in my travels, my garden and my belief system. I am particularly interested in those individuals who don’t fit the mold or who have met with hardship and flourish.

I have traveled many foreign countries. Being a curious person, I ask questions of the residents. The strength of the Cambodians inspired me to initiate a series illustrating the Eight Beatitudes. The grouping is hanging in the Parish Hall of my church.

The beauty and majesty of nature fascinates in its great or micro splendor. I have done a series of paintings of Maine and a series from my studio window which overlooks my garden

My media is oil and my color selections vary, but my favorite colors are rose, and aqua. I always try to find a way to include them.

Martha Hicks

Media: Oil and acrylics

Martha Hicks, a native of Greensboro, has enjoyed painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. Her first art instructor was Mrs. Jamison at Kiser Junior High School, and since then she has been mostly self-taught.

She enjoys giving her paintings as gifts to close friends and donating her art to silent auctions for charitable events. A special honor was receiving a personal thank you note from President Reagan for a painting she sent to him while he was recovering from the assassination attempt.

When she is not painting, Martha loves working in the yard, teaching a Sunday School class for adults with special needs, and spending time with her six grandchildren.

Mel Montgomery

Media: Jewelry

Mel's Essentials jewelry is a creation of Greensboro designer Melissa Montgomery. Mel's designs are handcrafted using natural stone beads, antique pieces and antique findings.

Contact Information

Email: melmonty@hotmail.com

Patrick Griggs

Media: Mixed

Patrick Griggs (Greensboro, NC) offers bold and colorful expressions through his artwork and creativity. In 2013, he found closure in the passing of a dear lifetime-friend, Derec Roache (a renowned artist as well), by picking up a paintbrush, choosing the most elegant colors, and creating his first painting. Since then, Patrick has consistently worked on improving his talent as an artist, as well as sending a message of love through the works he presents.

Patrick's fondness for art can easily be seen in the forte of vibrant colors and elegant strokes within his paintings. He uses a broad array of criteria in his works - ranging from abstracts, landscapes, impressionistic, and more. Ideally, his intention is to spread enlightenment through the strokes of his brush.

Much of Patrick's talent in art has been self-taught; although, he has also had a close mentorship with Denise Landi, another local artist. He has been featured in various showrooms and galleries in Guilford and Alamance Counties. For Patrick, some days art is an escape, other days it's a learning experience, but the best days are a win-win for both.

Contact Information

Tel: (336)-684-4443
Email: calypso1060@gmail.com

Renee Swink

Media: Oil paintings

I have been painting for 15 years, in which I have studied with local artists Connie Logan, Judy Meyler, Denise Landi and John Beerman of Hillsboro, NC. My medium is oil painting and the themes are drawn from a sense of nostalgia and most recently a fondness for the works of Modigliani. My rendering of his paintings exhibits the use of vibrant colors. I also enjoy a bit of whimsy by painting farm animals and their expressive faces.

Contact Information

Email: reneeswink@yahoo.com

Rosalind Stanford

I have been painting for approximately 22 years.

I use acrylic and oil paint as well as soft and oil pastels. Prior to moving to Greensboro I attended art classes at University of California San Diego. I also studied under France-Marie Haeger. In Greensboro I have attended classes taught by Perry Boswell and Denise Landi.

I enjoy using bright colors to illustrate a variety of subjects many of which include animals.

Contact Information

Email: rosalindstanford@gmail.com

Scott Tanseer

Media: Oil

I started painting about six years ago and it was love at first sight. I've been painting ever since. My primary interest is in portraiture and figurative. I'm fascinated by people and their activities. I work in oil and charcoal. Three years ago I joined the Portrait Society of America and have attended their last three meetings in Atlanta, DC, and Atlanta respectively. These have been a great source of both information and inspiration! You can visit my paintings at scott-tanseer@squarespace.com.

Contact Information

Website: http://scott-tanseer.com

Shelia Williams

My hope is that the viewer will become a participant in my work by interpreting each piece as it relates to him/herself.